Akeemraheem is it Bay Area native graffiti artist with ties to Detroit Michigan. From spray painting graffiti-art on walls to graffiti-inspired art on canvas, Akeem’s style and humor translates well into his art and life. This is art that you normally see on walls and trains, that’s customized for your home.


Growing up immersed in American urban culture, and an avid fan of hip hop music and art, I began drawing in sketch books and doing graffiti art around the Bay Area with friends and fellow artists. I was heavily influenced by graffiti artists like Ceive from the 640 crew and Dream from TDK. Art for art’s sake is the spirit that keeps me creating.


After college, I began the redundant life of going to work and coming home; rinse and repeat. That was when I realized I need a creative outlet that nourishes my spirit. So, I went with the medium most familiar to me, spray paint!


My artwork is meant to be fun and bright in a world full of solemn and serious surroundings. I want the unique quirkiness of my art to inspire creativity and joy in my fans and supporters.